Lake Havasu Artificial Grass

Is Your Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

The Lake Havasu artificial grass we use for our outdoor and indoor putting greens and artificial lawns is pet friendly. Our U.S. Grass and Greens synthetic grass makes for Lake Havasu putting greens that look and feel like the real thing. And as a surface for pets this same artificial turf we use for our golf greens is a cut above. As backyard artificial grass our fake grass is easy to clean, prevents digging, and is free of ticks and other pests. Learn more about our Arizona artificial grass.

Discover the pet friendly nature of our Lake Havasu Arizona artificial grass. Not just for indoor putting greens, our fake grass is the perfect backyard artificial grass for pets because it is:

  • Easy to clean
  • Pest and insect free
  • Digging free

Use our synthetic grass on your artificial lawn or dog run. The same great artificial turf used for our Lake Havasu putting greens will do wonders for your pet.

Our Lake Havasu artificial grass is as versatile as it is durable. Perfect for outdoor and indoor putting greens, our artificial turf is also pet friendly and perfect as backyard artificial grass. Easy to clean, pest free, and oblivious to digging, our Arizona artificial grass is the perfect synthetic grass not only for Lake Havasu putting greens but also for pet owners.

The artificial turf we use for our Lake Havasu putting greens makes a great pet surface. Put our Lake Havasu artificial grass in your yard or dog run and see the results you get.