There’s a reason why artificial grass is such a great feature to any Arizona home. As any homeowner with real grass is aware, the upkeep is a real chore. Even with the utmost care in watering, seasonal reseeding, and mowing – when the weather changes, you can still be left with a brown, dead lawn

How Artificial Turf Assists with Drainage Do you know how artificial grass works? Artificial turf from back in the day is nothing compared to today’s varieties. If any of you personally handled the former turf varieties, it had a very thin layer of acrylic-like backing, and the fibers were fairly short and looked ribbon-like instead

Get Creative With Your Artificial Grass! Everyone can have a real looking synthetic grass lawn, but not everyone is creative with this water-conserving alternative ground cover. Join us as we go through the unconventional ways of incorporating faux grass into other areas of your life! Indoor Putting Green If your wife allows you to have

Environmentally sustainable choices help prevent the overuse of our natural resources and provide a path to reduce, recycle and reuse materials. At US Grass and Greens, all of our synthetic turf products have this eco-friendly benefit, including landscape turf, playground turf, putting green grass, golf mats, golf practice mats, miniature golf artificial turf, baseball mats