Artificial Turf Holds Up Year-Round

There’s a reason why artificial grass is such a great feature to any Arizona home. As any homeowner with real grass is aware, the upkeep is a real chore. Even with the utmost care in watering, seasonal reseeding, and mowing – when the weather changes, you can still be left with a brown, dead lawn – the killer of curb appeal. While we know the appeal of a perfectly green lawn, keeping real grass looking pristine takes hours of maintenance every week. While the low-maintenance of a rock yard might also be very appealing – it is pretty bland and impractical for outdoor activity.

Install Artificial Turf 

Where do you turn when rock is not ideal and real grass is too much to maintain? Artificial turf!

Our turf is green all-year-round, with no homeowner upkeep required. The best of both worlds! Artificial grass melts at 175-200 degrees which makes it perfect for those hot summer pool days, or for a little sunbathing. Plus, with our backyard design experts you will never have to worry about heat damage from window reflections. Add in a couple of shady trees with our help, and you can really create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamt about. 

In the winter, you don’t have to worry about reseeding or dormant, brown grass. Our artificial turf by Challenger Turf is ready for tossing the ball around or a good game of corn hole, no matter the weather. In-laws coming to town for an unexpected visit? The backyard is always guest-ready, no matter the occasion! A heavy monsoon season on its way? Our turf is designed with drainage in mind, meaning no sitting water once the rain stops. Bottom line, no matter the season, temperature, rain, or shine – our turf is built to last.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf

One of our favorite features of our artificial grass is that it is 100% pet-friendly. Our turf is perfect for letting your pets run and play. While real grass may get damaged, our turf can endure your pets’ “zoomies.” No matter what pets call your house a home, our turf is ready for them! Dogs, cats, chickens, we’ve seen it all! The turf is easy to clean, which makes cleaning up after daily pet messes, quick and easy. 

Kid-Friendly Artificial Turf

Speaking of play, parents love our products! Artificial grass is a great surface for your kids to play on, no matter their age. We love designing and creating a space for your children to have fun especially when it involves no mud, grass stains, rocks, etc.! Getting kids to go out and get some exercise can be tough nowadays, and that’s why we love artificial grass – it gives kids the perfect surface to run around safely. 

Artificial turf is also the perfect place for a little backyard dinner or party. Think, backyard workouts, yoga, cardio. Etc. No matter how you like to use your outdoor space, artificial turf is sure to be the perfect addition to your home. 

Contact an Artificial Turf Installer in Arizona

With decades of experience in the valley, US Grass and Greens knows how important it is to make your home a place you love all year-round. If you are interested in giving your home the yard you deserve, give our team a call for a free consultation today!