Get Creative with your Artificial grass

Get Creative With Your Artificial Grass!
Everyone can have a real looking synthetic grass lawn, but not everyone is creative with this water-conserving alternative ground cover. Join us as we go through the unconventional ways of incorporating faux grass into other areas of your life!

Indoor Putting Green
If your wife allows you to have an indoor putting green, you will be the envy of all of your chums. If torrential rains are common in your area and prohibit you from honing your stroke, turn your basement or any other spare room into an indoor putting green! Just make sure your ceilings are high enough to permit your long swings, unless you want to spend the next weekend applying plaster to your wall or ceiling dents.

Decorative Features
Go into any interior decorating store or online marketplace, especially during the summer season, and you will more than likely find some form of synthetic grass implemented for home décor use. We especially like the uses of artificial grasses highlighted on this inventive craft site, as well as this nifty iPhone case!

Make a Statement
Who said artificial grass is only for yards? Implement it into your outdoor living pieces as well! Many retailers are working to incorporate this surface as an effective alternative for outdoor patio furniture, such as table tops and various seating options.

Deck Alive!
Liven up your deck or rooftop spaces by installing an ample amount of green. This not only provides a plush feel for bare feet, but it also creates the perfect environment for afternoon picnics or evening stargazing. Some multi-community high rise apartment complexes boast this option for pet areas when lawn maintenance is not within the long-term budget. It is also a benefit for downtown living surrounded by other towering buildings with lack of green space. Did we mention that it brings color and life to any deck or rooftop?

Designer’s Yard
Homeowners who love to make a statement in their home and garden areas use artificial turf. Consider the checkered approach or perhaps the tiled look; some homeowners go geometric, while others prefer creating more intricate and detailed patterns. No matter the style, non-natural turf always maintains its shape and never looks unkempt. You also save time, money and water!

Landscaping companies have seen every lawn application and popular trend. Some are timeless, and others are fleeting. One of the constants is how artificial grass stands the test of time and is a valuable investment for any home or business owner. No matter the design, please take the time to explore your synthetic turf options today.