Artificial grass saves money

Synthetic turf is a cost-effective option on a
long-term basis. When you factor in the expenses of watering and maintaining a
grass playing field each year, the cost more than pays for itself during the
lifetime of the surface. Field owners also eliminate the cost of playing
elsewhere when games are cancelled because of inclement weather, and often earn
additional revenues by leasing out the field to other organizations and
teams. Residential and commercial users often recover the
cost of installing artificial grass within a few years by dramatically reducing
water bills and lawn maintenance costs. Because synthetic turf can withstand so much wear
and tear, many schools rent their synthetic turf fields to local sports team and
organizations to bring in extra funding. At Cincinnati’s Turpin High School, the
field is rented 80% of the evenings between January and October. The school has
raised $40,000 a year for the last two years from rental fees alone. The use of synthetic turf in high schools
significantly reduces the sports field maintenance budget, freeing up
substantial new funds for the classroom.