Here is a before and after picture of our artificial grass installed in Scottsade, Arizona. Our premium artificial grass and putting greens are made in the United States. They are free of heavy metals and great for childeren and pets.

With increasing water shortages and environmental concerns over lawn fertilizers and chemicals, homeowners, businesses and city governments are choosing US Grass and Greens to install and supply there artificial grass needs. As a wholesale synthetic turf manufacturer, our products include artificial turf putting greens, artificial grass landscaping, synthetic grass golf greens and playground synthetic turf.

Owe more on your Phoenix home that it is worth? Welcome to the Underwater Club. It’s not a pleasant club to belong to, despite its massive size. If you bought a home, or refinanced an existing home, anytime circa 2005 and beyond you are quite likely a member of the Underwater Club. And you’ve got

Water efficiency initiatives follow a continuous improvement cycle: measure, manage, monitor, report. It starts with an audit that identifies sources of waste and inefficiency. This pinpoints ways to invest in water conservation solutions: Fixing leakage and other sources of waste. Installing more efficient plumbing fixtures and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. Adopting water-smart landscaping

  According to research, for everyone manufacturing job that exists, there are 5 more that are created, such asaccounting, truck driving, clerical, research and development positions.  With the loss of over 5.5 million manufacturingjobs in the United States over the last decade, our country has seen the lossof over 33 million jobs!  This alone should